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Iris or retina reading - Access Control System

The iris is a muscular membrane of the eye used as diaphragm (pigmented and with different colors), placed behind the cornea and in front of the crystalline lens, perforated by the pupil.
Itís composed by muscular fibers through which the pupil is dilated in order to adjust the quantity of light entering in the eye.
Both the disposition and the pigmentation make unique the human identification tank to 200 unique features. These features, moreover, remain the same with time.

The identification happens through the use of a eye-scanning camera which allows to convert the information in a univocal code.
Although the psychological resistance due to the light (infrared) beam pointing at the eye, it can be definitely affirmed that the modern techniques are not invasive. Further, one of the greatest advantages is the absence of contact between the device and the person.

Modern technologies have solved particular problems such as:

  • subject with glasses (sunglasses or eyeglasses) or with contact lenses
  • non-living eyes, the current systems control the normal variation of the pupil size

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