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Digital fingerprint - Access Control System

The fingerprint is a biometric system widely accepted by the users as not especially invasive (different from, for example, the iris reading which finds more resistance).
The fingerprints have features which make them unique or univocal. Even the 10 fingers of the hands of a person have different features between them.
For this reason the identification through fingerprint is the most popular biometric technology, even because the scanners used are smalller and easier to integrate in the identification devices and in the company's general structure.

How does the fingerprint identification work?

To identify the fingerprint it's first of all necessary that the fingerprint is "known" by the identification system. For this it's previously done the fingerprint scanning which is then processed and "digitalized", or transformed in a numeric value stored in the system which will be useful for the comparison. This operation, executed just one time before the use of the fingerprint, is called enrollment.
At this point each time the person is at an access gate he have to put the finger on the scanner (which is very small glass, or a wheel where the finger is swiped) that make the scanning of the finger and the processing in order to have the comparison with the stored value.
In order to avoid problems caused by bruises usually the enrollment is done on at least two fingers, having the wariness of using one finger for each hand.
Some more developed systems give the chance to use a finger in case of threat. If a person is threatened by a criminal in order to open a gate, the person can use a specific finger to send an alarm to the central reporting the access "under constraint".

Types of scanning

The main scanning typologies used are:
  • optic scanning: it uses a luminous scanner; the finger is putted on a glass sheet
  • capacitive technology: it's used a silicon sheet with sensitive cells matrix which allows to convert the signals in a digital image
  • ultrasonic technology: it uses the ultrasound to determine the fingerprint's curves

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