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13.56 Mhz Badges - Access Control System

There are some badge typologies using 13,56 Mhz frequency:

  • Mifare ® (Iso14443A); very widespread badges, cheap, writable and, having 15 sectors, allow to manage several applications at the same time. They also solve the collisions problems. The negative thing of this technology is the reading distance, really low.
  • ISO 14443B; as for Mifare ® badges the reading is really low. Their main feature is the security, whilst the cost is high.
  • ISO 15693; this new emerging standard has a high reading distance and the correct management of collisions, as well as a very cheap cost. Are the low security.
  • LEGIC ® It's a proprietary standard not so diffused in Italy. Its pros are the security and the high reading distance, the cons the price, really bigger then the average.

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