Access Control System

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Access Control System - Access Control System

For a company an access control system has a double use: to protect the company goods and, on the other hand, an access control system must meet the company security requirements in order to guarantee the full control of the situation in case of emergency.
An access control system is usually divided in three sections:

  • people detection
  • qualifications control
  • access reporting

People detection

For people detection is meant the association of the access request with the person requesting access' master data. The access request can be made through different technologies:

Each one of these is examined in the appropriate section of the access control.

Qualifications control

The badge's qualifications control consists in the verification of the badge capability and the transit approval.
The control system can be made::

  • on line
  • stand alone

Access ways

There are different typologies of access gates, the main difference is about the security level:

Each one of these is examined in the appropriate section of the access control.


The reporting usually is relegated in a secondary role because it doesn't affect controls, but actually has a relevant role.
Thanks to reporting it's possible :

  • to check the transits, with identification of the person, the time and the access way
  • to check the paths, that is to determine the path taken by a person in the controlled areas
  • to verify the breaking and entering

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